*white guy voice* i backpacked through europe

This just in:
Only White American Males™ are interested in taking advantage of what money they might have available to them in order to explore other cultures and countries. Sometimes they even talk about such a significant experience.


Bastards the lot of them.

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Anonymous asked:

transgirl feferi coming out to the rest of the peixes family and condy being like oh fuck what a relief we have an heiress and meenah celebrating because holy shit now she doesn't have to be the uptight little princess so she takes feferi clothes shopping and gets disappointed when fef picks all the frilly stuff instead of the badass punk stuff.

prospitans answered:


omg thats precious i love it yes


Anonymous asked:

This is not justprolifethings. I have no need to give your kind a voice on my blog. -- justprochoicethings

stfu-and-think answered:

You decided to hide behind an anonymous moniker AND provide your identity….why exactly? You’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you dear? Of course, I’m sure the vast majority of us already knew that

I don’t need you to give me a voice. I already have one, and anyone who sees my reblogs will know exactly how much of an apologetic tool you really are. Peace.  



Um, because this isn’t a primary blog dumb dumb.

"Dumb dumb"?

Yes, this absolutely sounds like an eighteen year old girl that’s attending nursing school.

This blog appears to be run by an ignorant prepubescent child, not by a well functioning, mature member of society.